Renting your property when it has a pool

Renting your property when it has a pool

Congratulations! You have your first rental property and are ready to get started making money. Does your new source of passive income have a pool in the backyard? If so, you will want to keep reading.

Rental Properties with Pools

In Arizona, the summers are extreme! In 2020, Phoenix saw 145 days that were over 100 degrees. Arizona also sees an average of 299 days of sunshine compared to 205 for the United States. It is no wonder that having a pool is such a necessity for many people looking to rent in Arizona.  Before you have a tenant move in, decide on the safety features of your property’s pool and inspect all equipment to ensure it is working properly. It is always recommended to take pictures of equipment prior to a new tenant!

Tips for keeping your rental pool running

  1. Work with a professional pool maintenance team – there are many chemicals that help a pool keep its sparkly clean aesthetic. When you work with Alter Property Management, we will schedule routine pool maintenance for your property to help it look crystal clean.
  2. Install a pool fence – If your property does not already have one, consider installing a pool fence. Some Arizona cities require by law for any pool or spa to have a fence. Drowning is a leading cause of death for children, in Arizona, the statistics show that children drown at nearly twice the national rate.

3.      Prepare your pool for Winter – You will avoid a lot of potential issues and make sure that it’s still in great shape when the next summer season rolls around if you properly prepare your pool for winter.

Having an Arizona rental property with a pool poses risks and considerations but ultimately can make your property more desirable to tenants. Your property will rent faster than comparable properties without a pool.  Additionally, you can anticipate more money a month for the rent of a property with a pool versus no pool.