Scottsdale Rental Property Market

The City of Scottsdale has proven to be a solid investment for those looking to invest in real estate. Scottsdale has been in the nation’s top 20% when it comes to real estate appreciation stats. The average annual return of Scottsdale real estate investments has been around 2%, making the local properties highly lucrative investment purchases.

There is considerable demand for homes in the Scottsdale area. The population has been increasing making it the 5th largest city in Arizona and the 80th largest city in the United States. The population of Scottsdale continues to increase – its population has increased by 23.67% since the most recent census.

The local activities and attractions offer tremendous value for visitors and residents alike. With popular attractions like Butterfly Wonderland, Downtown Scottsdale, and Spring training, Scottsdale is a great location for families and young individuals.

Scottsdale, Arizona is among the 25 best places to own a vacation rental as well. A top retirement city, Scottsdale offers excellent quality-of-life. Zero humidity, 330 days of sunshine, and 65-75℉ highs November through April invite seasonal residents. Fifteen spring training Major League Baseball teams bring their families to local vacation homes as well as baseball fans from all over. Investors can expect 81% occupancy and 21% annual home value growth in Scottsdale.

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