Why do I need a Property Manager?

Why do I need a Property Manager?

You have decided to make an investment and buy a rental property! Rental properties are booming as more families and people move to Arizona. Now is a great time to invest in the real estate market and generate passive income while creating generational wealth for your family. If this is your first rental property, you may be wondering if hiring a property management team is really worth it.

Here are some reasons why you should hire a property manager:
You will see a bigger return on your investment with a property manager.
Some property owners are hesitant to hire a property manager because of the cost involved. Many do not realize that they will actually make more money in the long term due to the increased maintenance and care of their property. Hiring Alter PM means You will have better tenants that stay longer and have less damage and repairs to deal with due to our thorough background checks and vetting process.

Property Managers Will Save You Time
Could you be making better use of your time? Every minute you spend dealing with tenants is a minute you could have spent doing something else. With Alter PM, we believe your time is valuable. Whether it’s spending time with your family, or finding new avenues to expand your business, you don’t need to be spending time chasing down rental payments or on the phone with vendors.It can be a full-time job to track rental payments, manage and collect late fees, handle complaints and repairs, clean and prepare your property for new tenants, find maintenance professionals, and deal with bad tenants. When you hire Alter Property Management, we will take on all of your rental properties needs.

Higher Quality Tenants
When you hire Alter property management, we know exactly how to find the best tenants and screen out potential tenants with a bad rental history. The result is better quality tenants in your property faster.

Less Time Your Property is Vacant
If your property is vacant, you are not making money. Alter property management knows how to find qualified tenants quickly. We work with industry professionals who have a pool of applicants to choose from who are looking to move.

We Know The Law
Ensuring that you comply with all state and federal laws regarding discrimination in screening and choosing tenants is crucial if you want to avoid legal hassles down the line. The laws surrounding evictions can be tedious and complicated. We know how to handle evictions in the most efficient way possible within applicable law boundaries.

We Schedule Your Home Care
You don’t have to answer midnight calls for a leaky faucet or spend a weekend running down a contractor to clean up the mess from the monsoon season. Alter Property Management will handle all the routine maintenance of your rental from the pool to the air conditioning. With extensive knowledge of Arizona, Alter PM is the best option to bring you peace of mind.