AC Servicing

Record head means record money being spent on air conditioning units. In this article we will explain the importance of servicing your unit to mitigate some of these costs.

The Arizona Landlord Tenant Act states that we as rental property owners must be able to provide our tenants with a HABITABLE living area, and as you can imagine case law states that 117 degree weather without an AC is not livable. In fact, any time the interior of a home is above 85, we should either immediately restore the air or credit the tenants’ stay in a hotel in order to keep cool.

So what does an air conditioning servicing include?

Coil Cleaning: Coils have a tendency to accumulate dust and grime, especially in Phoenix. Clogged coils mean that an air conditioning is working harder, which not only means that a tenant can expect a higher electric bill, but other items can be affected which could cause a total stoppage of cooling.

Leak Detection: a Freon leak could mean that the AC stops blowing, your home is more humid, or even your ac “Freezing” over which means that your AC will not be able to work until this has defrosted. All of these add to the issues of an AC.

AC Filter Change: very similar to dirty coils, a dirty air filter can also mean that the unit is being overworked.

Air conditioning units can typically last between 10 and 15 years, so long as you keep up with the proper maintenance, you shouldn’t worry about too many repairs. Think it over, and you can see that servicing you’re AC is definitely a great choice