Should I Accept Pets in My Home?

Many landlords have asked us the question, should I allow pets in my home? Well here we are going to talk about some of the Pros and Cons so that YOU can make the decision for yourself.

Pro: Broad Rental Pool

According to 85 million American Homes own pets, which equates to about 67% of our population. By accepting pets, you are keeping your rental pool broad, and not limiting your home to potential renters. Typically, keeping a broad rental pool means that you home doesn’t waste too much time siting on the market.

Con: Property Damage

It is true that pets can damage your property. Although we at Alter Property Management do our best to attempt that this doesn’t happen, we cannot make any guarantees. That being said, we typically hold a Tenant’s Security Deposit, which is equal to or more than the cost of the monthly rent. We can use this to pay for the damages that a tenants’ pet may cause.

Pro: Additional Income

When your home is managed by us at Alter Property Management, we make sure that you receive pet fees on a monthly basis. Currently, you would receive an additional $50.00 at move-in, and $15.00 a month per pet.

Con: Noise Issues

Let’s be real, some pets are very (VERY) noisy, which can cause a possible city citation, or HOA fine. Though the tenant is responsible for correction and any monetary penalties that these may cause, You may find it just too stressful for your liking for this to be a possibility.

Legal Liability:

Another question we often hear is, can I be responsible for a Tenant’s dog if it bites someone? Though the answer is YES, there are many stipulations to this, which typically include knowing that the dog you place is a risk. Now this doesn’t mean you can’t place a “Bully Breed” because it has a reputation, but according to Dot Dash Publishing, this means that you are aware that this specific dog has an aggressive past. At Alter PM, we immediately deny any applications for a pet who has harmed someone in the past. This is to minimize our clients’ risk. In the event that the dog becomes dangerous, we immediately serve a 5 Day Notice, allowed by law, to remove the pet from your home to keep any risk you may have. Furthermore, we demand that the tenant’s renter’s insurance cover their pet, so that any victims are able to collect.  So again, to reiterate, the according to Dot Dash, the only time that you should be liable for a dog bite is if you sat idly by with an aggressive dog in your home, which would NEVER happen with our management.

So, in summation, it is very important for you to make the decision to allow pets in your home. We here are Alter Property Management are happy to follow your request.

Written by Tiffany Gomm, Alter Property Management – 2.23.2021

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